Virtual Open House

Online recruitment and communication platform for employers.

Virtual Open House is a web-based platform that allows recruiters and companies to host online recruiting events to attract and engage with prospective hires. The platform includes a custom or template website created to client specs, that provides in-depth information about the company including but not limited to: company bio, job openings and descriptions, videos, recruiter bios and a pre-registration form.

  • Every Website Created to Client Specs
  • Candidate Management
  • Chat
  • Event Reporting

1. We Create Event Website To Client Specs

The custom or template website is installed on a robust Content Management System (CMS). The CMS provides a user-friendly, web-based interface to allow the recruiter or company to make updates, launch unlimited new events and manage the web page as needed.

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2. Candidate Management

Companies and recruiters are able to manage applicants through the platforms proprietary Candidate Management Application. This allows companies to view all candidate pre-registration data, take notes, email and rate candidates and use company specific statuses to keep track of where candidates are in your hiring funnel.

3. Chat Application

The Chat Application allows recruiters and candidates to connect in real time - via a custom built chat application that allows recruiters to not only chat with candidates in real-time, but shows the recruiter the candidates pre-registration data, allows them to transfer the candidate to other recruiters, allows them to rate and take notes on candidates. Recruiters are also able to chat with each other and and see which recruiters are currently in engaged in chats with candidates - allowing your recruiting team to work together from anywhere in the world!

4. Event Reporting

  • Event Stats
  • Website Analytics
  • Track Lead Sources
  • Chat Stats

Lead Source

Event Registrations

Candidates jump at the opportunity to engage with companies in this new, cutting edge way. They will leave your events more informed about your organization and excited to pursue the opportunities that you discussed.

We consistently get feedback from candidates like this:

"This (Virtual Open House) allowed me a way to learn more about opportunities within your company and engage in a conversation with a recruiter to ask questions in non-committal, non-formal way, which is perfect for people like me who aren't able to take off work and go on a formal interview"

Virtual Open House doesn't just leave a great impression with your future workforce. Companies are saving on their recruiting budget. Imagine the cost savings of a virtual event vs. a brick and mortar event where you may have to travel, set up a booth, etc. and decreasing their time to hire.

A recent event for a large aerospace and defense company was held on a Thursday evening. Through targeted media campaigns (using and Linkedin) the event had over 50 attendees register, 48 return on the day of the event to engage in chats with recruiters and they made 5 hires from one event!


We are a Fortune 500 company in the Defense and Aerospace sector and have worked closely with Various Things Live and for at least the past 4 years. The Virtual Open House platform they offer has been an invaluable tool we've used to assist in talent attraction. Since just this March, we've hosted 4 Virtual events with these results:

  • Total number of registrants: 760 (of which 95% uploaded their resume)
  • Total Number hired so far: 12 (there are over 40 other candidates still involved in interviews with our company now)
  • Total Number in "Keep Warm" status - 94

Of the stats above, the number of most significance is the "keep warm" number - these people represent our talent pipeline. Their skills were so much in line with what we typically hire that we are making a concerted effort to stay in touch with these individuals for future openings. This virtual chat platform allowed us to establish an initial relationship with this talent pool and has a mechanism that allows us to easily reach out to these people periodically post-event.

The support we have received from this team is invaluable. Pre-event support includes our ability to tailor the "look and feel" to our specific target audience. Support during the actual event includes a team that is monitoring and troubleshooting any technical issues that might surface and post-support for the event includes statistics you need to assist in fine-tuning the next Open House. The support team is quick to respond, open to suggestions for platform improvements and just easy to work with as they really care about your success.

Given this, I would highly recommend using this platform through Various Things Live/

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